Benjamin Leard

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Working Papers

How Much Do Consumers Value Fuel Economy and Performance? Evidence from Technology Adoption (with Joshua Linn and Christy Zhou) 2017 RFF Report, revisions requested from The Review of Economics and Statistics

The Effect of Fuel Price Changes on Fleet Demand for New Vehicle Fuel Economy (with Virginia McConnell and Christy Zhou) 2017 RFF Working Paper 17-25, revisions requested from The Journal of Industrial Economics

What Does An Electric Vehicle Replace? (with Jianwei Xing and Shanjun Li)

Work in Progress

Incidence of Regulations That Affect Product Attributes (with Joshua Linn and Katalin Springel)

The Zero Emissions Vehicle Mandate: Program Details and Performance (with Fred Kardos and Virginia McConnell)

Published Papers

Flawed Analyses of U.S. Auto Fuel Economy Standards (with Antonio Bento, Kenneth Gillingham, Mark R. Jacobsen, Christopher Knittel, Joshua Linn, Virginia McConnell, David Rapson, James Sallee, Arthur van Benthem, and Katie Whitefoot), Science, forthcoming.

Voluntary Exposure Benefits and the Costs of Climate Change (with Kevin Roth), Journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists, forthcoming.

Explaining the Evolution of Vehicle Miles Traveled in the United States (with Joshua Linn and Clayton Munnings), The Energy Journal, forthcoming.

Consumer Inattention and the Demand for Vehicle Fuel Cost Savings, Journal of Choice Modeling, 2018, 29: 1-16.

Fuelling Behaviour Change, Nature Energy News & Views, 2018, 3: 541-542.

How Do Low Gas Prices Affect Costs and Benefits of US New Vehicle Fuel Economy Standards? (with Joshua Linn and Virginia McConnell), Economics of Energy & Environmental Policy, 2018, 7(2).

New Markets for Credit Trading Under U.S. Automobile Greenhouse Gas and Fuel Economy Standards (with Virginia McConnell), Review of Environmental Economics and Policy, 2017, 11(2): 207-226.

Fuel Prices, New Vehicle Fuel Economy, and Implications for Attribute-Based Standards (with Joshua Linn and Virginia McConnell), Journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists, 2017, 4(3): 659-700.

Are Consumers Willing to Pay to Let Cars Drive for Them? Analyzing Response to Autonomous Vehicles (with Ricardo Daziano and Mauricio Sarrias), Transportation Research Part C: Emerging Technologies, 2017, 78: 150-164.

On the Importance of Baseline Setting in Carbon Offsets Markets (with Antonio Bento and Ravi Kanbur), Climatic Change, 2016, 137(3): 625-637.

Designing Efficient Markets for Carbon Offsets with Distributional Constraints (with Antonio Bento and Ravi Kanbur), Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 2015, 70(2): 51-71.

The Welfare Effects of Allowance Banking in Emissions Trading Programs, Environmental and Resource Economics, 2013, 55(2): 175-197.

Equivalencies in the Fishery (with Jon Conrad), Natural Resource Modeling, 2013, 26(2): 154-163.

Awarded Research Funding

2017-2019: Co-PI, Sloan Foundation, Consumer and Producer Behavior: Implications for Social Welfare and Environmental Outcomes in the Transportation Sector

2015-2016: Co-PI, Resources for the Future New Frontiers Competition, Developing a Model of the New Light Duty Vehicle Market